Students who have graduated from high schools, lyceums or institutions equivalent to a Turkish high school (lise) and who satisfy the following application criteria may apply to undergraduate programs in Hacettepe University.

You may find brief information on the undergraduate programs and proposed quotas for international students in 2011-2012 Academic Year here.

Important Note: Please note that it is at Hacettepe University’s sole discretion to review and rank candidates, and to admit and place them within program quotas. Meeting the criteria for application does not guarantee admission to the programs.

Candidates' applications will be evaluated by the committee constituted at Hacettepe University Rectorate.  

Conditions for application:

  1. Not to be a citizen of neither Republic of Turkey nor Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.**
  2. To be a final year high school student or to be a high school graduate.
  3. To score a minimum point on one of the examination or Diploma grades accepted for application (Listed here)

** Those who had Turkish citizenship at birth and got the certificate of renunciation of citizenship of Turkey from Turkish Ministry of Interior and who would deliver a document about using the rights given by the Law no.5203 obtained by underage children registered on certificate of renunciation of citizenship can apply to be admitted as foreign students.

Applications will not be accepted from applicants who:

  1. are  citizens of the Republic of Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, who have dual citizenships one of which is the Republic of Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,
  2.  completed their whole high school education in Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus if they renounce their Turkish Republic or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus nationality while they have dual nationality as of 2011.
  3. were dismissed from a higher education institution in Turkey due to disciplinary action.

Documents Required for Application:

  1. Certified copy of High School Diploma (If it is not written in English or Turkish an certified English or Turkish translation will be included as well.)
  2. Examination Result: Certified copy of the examination result used for application. (SAT, ACT. etc.) Must be issued within two years preceding the date of application.
  3. Application Form: This form must be filled online. After you submit application form online you must print and sign it and then send it along with other documents. (Forms sent only in hardcopy form without submitting online will not be taken into evaluation.)
  4. Photocopy of the page of the passport showing applicant's photo.
  5. Receipt of bank transfer of the 100 USD or equivalent in Turkish Liras application fee (will not be refunded):  can be paid by bank transfer to:

Bank: Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O. Ankara Branch

Account Number: 00158007295222130

IBAN No: TR53 0001 5001 5800 7295 2221 30

H.U. Account for registration expenses.

Please note that due to the large number of applications submitted, application documents will not be retrocede after the admission process is over. Considering this, it is important that applicants should be advised not to send the original copies of documents during application except the application form and bank receipt of application fee.

Application documents can either be sent or personally submitted to the following address:

Hacettepe Üniversitesi

Öğrenci İşleri Dairesi Başkanlığı

06100- Sıhhiye/ANKARA


Contact Information:

Phone:+90-312-305 10 10 / Ext.: 3 (Sıhhiye Campus)

  +90-312-297 65 70 / Ext.: 132 (Beytepe Campus)                

e-mail: int.students@hacettepe.edu.tr 

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